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"My son, now 3.5 years old has been going to A+ Mandarin immersion (Hillsdale branch) for a year now and we love it. His Mandarin went from pretty much nonexistent to speaking simple sentences back to the teacher and our Mandarin speaking nanny. It was a great way to start preschool because they offer part-time, and then allowed us to add more days as he got older. They even helped during the potty training process. He loves the teachers there, especially Ms. Zhao, and he has many friends. He's opened up a lot the past 6 months and we see him start conversations and play with new kids at the playground as well after attending A+. We plan to send my other son there when he turns 2yo." - Sara

"I love this preschool soo much!! We went to Hillsdale branch it was opened only awhile. The school is tidy, clean and teachers are very patient and nice to kids. Our twin girls started school on early March and now they get used to the teachers and the environment already. They have a big smile on their faces when seeing teachers now and they don't want to leave any more! Now I feel so relieved dropping the girls off to school. Highly recommend this preschool to anyone (no matter mandarin speakers or non mandarin speakers!)" - Viki

"Both my boys went to A+ immersion preschool, and loved it! All the teachers were attentive and dedicated to the children. The Chinese immersion is great. There are a lot of fun activities including field trips, potlucks, etc. It feels like a family! I'm planning on sending my third boy to A+ when he's a bit older." - Jane

"I would recommend Aplus to my friends without a heartbeat because my daughter has learned Mandarin from the preschool so well although she is a quiet at school.  I always saw her eyes opened wide when she told me the fun activities at school.  As a parent, I care about the quality of the education as well as the care of my daughter gets.  This is definitely the right place to offer both!" - Kathy

"I found this wonderful preschool after alot of searching and visiting other preschools in Foster City & San Mateo. My son Brandon is 3yrs old and is loving everyday that he spends there. They have a very organized schedule, filled with fun & learning activities. There is also a sunny outside play area filled with interesting toys and games (which is Brandon’s favorite place!). The warm and family atmosphere is apparent as soon as you walk in the front door, Miss Sharon and her staff are very professional, assert and wonderful with Brandon and all his friends that go there. I would highly recommend to any parent to check it out if your searching for that perfect place for your little ones." - Grace

"When I enrolled my daughter at A+ immersion preschool, I could not imagine that my daughter was going to count in Chinese after a few weeks even more when she attends the school part time and we are not Chinese speakers but It happened. Nevertheless, what I like most of the school it is the communication. Mrs Sharon and her team keep you up to date about your child through the daily journal, the monthly schedule, parents conferences, face to face comments, e mails... Their program is well structured with balanced activities like cooking classes, yoga, circle time, story time, songs, art and crafts, manipulative activities. We are very happy with the school and hope they keep working hard to keep this high level for a long time." - Amailia

"My son loves going to A+! The teachers are so nice and the school has an excellent schedule that creates a fun environment for children learn Mandarin. I highly recommend this preschool." - Sarah

"Since moving our daughter to this program almost 4 months ago, when she turned 3, we have seen a marked improvement in her imaginative play and creativity.  She loves the environment, the other children and her teachers.  The teachers are well-qualified and loving.  We had come from another pre-school that was just not meeting our expectations and, in making a change, the quality of the teachers and the program were extremely important to us.  We are so thrilled to have found A+ Immersion Preschool!  The facility is great and laid out well for the children.  They offer a wide range of activities, including yoga, cooking and science projects.  The curriculum is great - they have a monthly theme and will provide craft projects for the children to come home with, which our daughter loves. The children are allowed to be independent and they behave well as a group.  We are only English speaking in our household and are so excited that our daughter is also having the opportunity to learn Chinese.  I can't speak highly enough about this program." – Lana